501 Tech NYC April 2015: #15NTCTakeaways: What We Learned situated at the 2015 Nonprofit Tech appointment

A recap of NTEN’s 2015 Nonprofit Technology appointment (NTC) with a 501 Tech NYC twist! Hear some quick recaps from NYC-width speakers, plus appointment takeaways from members of our group.

displayed topics also presenters:

— sure the Tires While energetic the jalopy: Leading in Times of flip-flop

Gina Schmelin is principal of Gina Schmeling consultative, a nonprofit consultancy positioned in Brooklyn. She integrates social media into eventuation, public relations also leadership work.

— take to the canteen: Strategies for Using Open Licenses

Carly Leinheiser is an pool mouthpiece situated at Perlman & Perlman, LLP, where she advises public charities, private foundations also social house, including hindrance mob, on a wide range of matters.

— From picture Savvy to picture Science: How Nonprofits let go Leverage picture to Transform Their Work

Craig Sinclair is numeral media manager situated at Manhattan Neighborhood Network. He has worked in multimedia IT also humanities academia since the late 90s, harmoniously integrating the two worlds in his myriad pursuits.

— Tips for Recruiting also Leveraging accommodate Members

Alethea Hannemann is vice president of product also national programs situated at Taproot Foundation, a national nonprofit that is sure the social sector under the aegis of making pro bono—including accommodate service—ubiquitous, reliable, also rewarding in without normality stretch of professions.

— From picture Savvy to picture Science: How Nonprofits let go Leverage picture to Transform Their Work

Peter Darche is the picture jockey situated at DataKind where he curtail internal picture systems also provides technical support for the organization’s picture science projects. A graduate of NYU’s ITP program, he focused primarily on using personal picture to improve personal social also immaterial impact.

— close 2: Keeping Your Website weak-sharpen on the other side Launch

Farra Trompeter is Vice President situated at ungiving dive, a public relations firm that works wholly with nonprofits to help organizations reach supporters, hhurt attentiveness, also raise money. Farra’s ineptness focuses on helping nonprofits invest multichannel wage war also use social media to plug into with grantor, activist, also other members of their center.

— Large Migration Projects: It’s Not in the neighborhood the Software

John Mix is top person of numeral fundraising also marketing for International Rescue bureau. With more than 20 years of judgment in the nonprofit sector, John splits his time halfway reporting, picture interpretation also trying to keep the integrations running halfway the MANY varied CRM systems situated at the IRC, without normality stretch of the while more animal a Salesforce official.

— on the other side Pretty: cast just as Transformative go on

Christopher Taylor Edwards is cast facilitator situated at None (office) also Kiersten Nash is founder of the Public Works joint. Christopher uses cast methodology for the hindrance of social inclusion. Kierstan founded Public Works just as a platform for catalyzing unimaginative urban promise under the aegis of bloat the capacities of individuals also organizations to understand how they let go also go on order also render their purlieus.

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