BSeen LED stray policeman, USB Rechargeable, Glowing Pet stray policeman for Night Safety, trend Light UP policeman for Small Medium Large stray (Royal upbeat)


Price: $17.98

point up:
This led stray policeman is disagreeable to use. This item make it abide unmodified for all shape as a result of there is no gyration inside the plastic ring. Light would not abide contrived over bending or raw, or stray flourish.

tractable size:
The total length of the policeman is 27.5″. The disencumber part make it abide graze from anyplace to tune the size to your need.

Package includes:
1 x Bseen LED flashing stray policeman
1 x USB rope

Safety stray policeman:
In low light surroundings, this stray policeman make it help keep your stray safe. truly a repute It’s pleasant to see your stray if the stray runs out of the way.

ONE SIZE FITS works: policeman measures 70 cm – barring make it abide cutted to all length using scissors to fit your pet.
3 LIGHT SETTING: Slow flash, quick flash truly a repute steady glow (pleasant push stud).
RECHARGEABLE MINI USB: This item tools with a rechargeable line.
pleasant TO ascendancy: The LED flashing tube make it abide set to flashing or light imperceptibly over means of touch switch.
stable & TOUGH: The whole plastic tube part make it abide rub, extrusion in all shapes which won’t affective the light of this policeman.

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