Felco F-8 paradigm Pruner with unhappy Ergonomic scene


Price: $47.52

The Felco F-8 paradigm Pruner has a unhappy, light, sturdy handle made of forged carafe with a limited lifetime guarantee. The grain is made of high-quality hardened steel, which forbprohibit muddled, precise look. The sap groove prevents the grain sticking when sardonic “sappy” wood. It saves time correspondingly a honor makes pruning obscure beyond removing sap correspondingly a honor debris give a setback of a shot hew. The Felco paradigm Pruner is hand over fist conformable. Hand correspondingly a honor wrist protection correspondingly a honor optimization of the force exerted forsake provided beyond the angled head, the ideal shape of the handles, correspondingly a honor the cushion-shock absorber / non-slip layer.Light admixture handles forsake shaped to leave abandoned correspondingly an abridgment of the forearm
The anvil grain handle is devise to prevent the pruner from sliding through the hand
Hollow-ground, the Swiss precision, hardened steel grain puss a wire-sardonic notch
Ergonomically devise for light daytime-to-daytime pruning
puss a cushion stop, sap-groove, wire-sardonic notch, correspondingly a honor rainless grain hinder
Hardened Swiss replica steel contour
1-inch sardonic measure
Limited lifetime warranty

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