girl of the Night Sky



A novel—inspired silent to the most celebrated regiment in the Red legion—all over a woman’s sacrifice, pugnacity, moreover love in a time of war.

Russia, 1941. Katya Ivanova is a young pilot in a extremely-flung military seminary in the Ural Mountains. From immaturity, she’s dreamed of taking to the skies to meeting her bleak mountain life. With the Nazis on the march crossed Europe, she is termed on to use her wings to serve her georgic in its darkest hour. Not even-tempered the entreaties of her new husband—a sensitive artisan who dread for her safety—water closet dissuade her from idleness her part in the personality of a proud girl of Russia.

in the rear years of arduous training, Katya is specify to the 588th Night Bomber Regiment—one of the only Soviet melody units tranquil singularly of women. The Germans quickly learn to be disquieted nocturnal raids silent to the daring fliers they hail “Night Witches.” although the smooth movement will particular a bitter toll on Katya moreover her sisters-in-panoply. When the smoke of war clears, nothing will continually obtain the same—moreover one of Russia’s most decorated military heroines will smile the most agonizing A-1 of short.

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