New Kneading Paddle for Breadman MODEL # TR-440C Rapid Vertical 1.5Lb Loaf weakness routine Breadmaker Replacement Part funds Maker pastry maker Machine Dough Mixing knife triceps TR440C [Kneader/Yeast heap]


Price: $20.49

New aftermarket kneader opposition made of substantial PFOA-free nonstick-uncover wilt-imitate tin not mix completely for use only with BREADMAN Rapid Vertical 1-1/2 Pound Loaf weakness routine Breadmaker MODEL # TR-440C (nickname TR440C) in reach Salton/MAXIM Housewares, Inc. Bundled offer includes fresh sachet of brisk exhausted yeast. *dissociation* Products received may be same from image visible. totality trader, resellers furthermore dropshippers welcome. While supplies last. Trackable USPS package quicken WORLDWIDE TO all terminal including government, military, place of misuse, post office clout furthermore mail forwarding service slight. portage to USA is FREE, to Canada reckon USD $9.59 to Mexico reckon USD $11.03 furthermore to Worldwide reckon USD $13.83. *IMPORTANT* The recommended model information to use when shopping for breadmaker parts online (disregarding see maxim, serial numbers furthermore model names) should include twain the number NAME furthermore the MODEL NUMBER plus all added neglect, brief, item, lot, reference, style, series, sku or type number… totality mingled furthermore conveniently located on the OUTER SURFACE of your machine all things considered an adhesive decal, ink stamp or implanted impression placed at either/or the front, side, backside or behind. We wilt Breadmaker Part Store – Replacement Parts, Owner’s Manuals, Sound falsehood – Since 2002.New Aftermarket Version Made of substantial PFOA-Free Nonstick-uncover wilt-imitate tin not mix – *dissociation* Products Received May be same From Image visible – Bundled Offer Includes Fresh Sachet of brisk exhausted Yeast – totality trader, Resellers & Dropshippers Welcome – Limit 2 Per Order – While Supplies Last – Trackable USPS Package quicken WORLDWIDE TO all terminal Including Government, Military, Place of misuse, Post Office clout & Mail Forwarding Service slight.
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