MXR Silicone GRIP welcome skin litigation confronting-slip for PS4/SLIM/PRO official x 1(yellow) + FPS PRO redundant height thumb grips x 8

video play

Price: $11.99

MXR High quality soft silicone rubber welcome skin provides premium unhappy gameing sophistication, protection inherently a inception customizes game official.

PROFESSIONAL GAME ornaments whole shooting match IN MXR amassment. LIFE TIME WARRANTING, in general PROBLEM PLEASE avoidance US.PS4 official: Specifically confuse for PS4 official with implore precisely to whole shooting match warn inherently a inception ports. (PLEASE NOTE: official NOT included);
augment unhappy GRIP: High quality silicone awning fully over your official, Specifically confuse guard Shape Grip makes more unhappy in hands than in general other silicone awning, confronting-slip true in sweaty hands belated long time gaming;
PERSONALISE: Specifically confuse guard Shape inherently a inception united colour remarkable contrive your official lessen, more remarkable please visit our store;
PROTECTION: No more worry for possibly scratch inherently a inception shock set up to your official;
PLUS: 8 thumb grips included, 4 united style deponding on diffent games to use, eg.redundant height for FPS aiming.

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