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supervision docudrama Full VIDEO | Runing Time 11:06

2010 November – 2011 February

This skin is without close the people of S.F.G.(Seoul Fixed Gear) furthermore Seoul megalopolitan. This story shows the people who turn out to pass trying to blaze a trail for fixed gear in Seoul, a megalopolitan in which velocipede art has not yet stand etch. The people in the skin range from graffiti painter, to skin big person, to T-shirt deviser, to B-chap, swimmers furthermore velocipede mechanics.

It shows their individual passion for riding fixed.

Why journey we ride in a megalopolitan which cannot fully protect us giving law? In a megalopolitan in which truck rule the road so unrelentingly?…

The wisecrack is simple.

skin conducted giving
VM Project big person Group

(with Lowangleworks)

SFG (seoul fixed gear)

SungWook Yoon : WK
Wondo Song : Woody
Minseok Jo : MS
KwangHyun Kim : GWANG
YongSeok Shin : Shinkoon
HanSeok Kang : HS
Hacheon Park : HC
Yongjin Kim : YJ
Minguk choi : MG


Sound rewrite man VM Project

Outro Music : announcer Soulscape(360Sounds)

Special Thanks

Yongmin Kim : Lowangleworks
Haelan Kim : Fixedgeargirls Korea (FG2)
Support skin : Joachim Germain

Translation Woody : Amy Goalen | Soomi La

Main Support giving

Adidas |‚Äčadidasoriginals

Fixedgear Support giving
craps | Byclipse | Unknown | Spellbound | TNP
Leaderbike | Lunetten | pitbull | Volume eon head honcho
Demolition Parts | Ridersway | tioga | Resist | H-pluson
Affinity | 1/8 eon

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