German Shepherd Has Hilarious Reaction To Crying foster

This adorable German Shepherd has the most hilarious reaction to his owner watching a video with a crying foster. He suit so at sea with the sound that the head tilts send off including his jaw give up to the floor.

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23 thoughts on “German Shepherd Has Hilarious Reaction To Crying foster”

  1. I want a black German Shepherd now! Good God that dog was gorgeous! I've always had the multi colored ones and I love them all to death but I'm going to switch it up with my next dog.

  2. Its A kid not a baby. I need the kid say "can we keep it" while crying. Most likely he was listening to a video of a little girl getting a puppy.

  3. الي عايزه تنتاك فووون تيجي انيكها في كسها وفي كل حتا في جسمها وفي سريه تامه 😘😘😘😘 رقمي وتس وايموو وفيبر 0096596062506

  4. To a degree, the child's cry sounds a lot like a pup's whimper. The dog's maternal instinct kicked in, but it got confused when she saw it was a human baby sounding like a pup in distress. Please note that this is only a hunch, not a definitive answer and I could very well be wrong. I must say this is the first time I have ever seen a German Shepard that was completely black. I did not know that was possible.

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