How To Make Travel Videos – (trim & Shooting)

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This video goes over an analogy I breeze in up with that obscure how you should view the filming also trim process, to make more valuable videos – (travel videos, vlogs, documentaries, all things).

When shooting you go out also get your shots – your ‘materials’ or ‘bricks’.

Then when trim you put these bricks together to commixture your ‘wall’ – (your video)

It sounds simple disregarding near viewing this way you’ll idle incapable to hone low on where you’re going wrong also how terminate you improve over also over on the other hand, whilst having a lot more fun deed it.

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in concurrence with if you want, you terminate annotate also let me know your thoughts retain with your own videos also how using this theory hire improve them.

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45 thoughts on “How To Make Travel Videos – (trim & Shooting)”

  1. Thank you for great tips on how to build your travel video.When I am filming I didn't think about that,need to try .:)

  2. Very much interested to share with you one of the videos I did and get your insights on many ways to improve. I hope you reply 🙂

  3. I travel by Moto and have a helmet mounted Garmin Virb. I traveled from Portland Oregon to Ushuaia Argentina and in a few days I'm going to Dead Horse Alaska. I need a better way to record voice like when I'm interviewing someone. I also need a hand held camera. What would you recommend?

  4. Is there an organizational method you use or suggest for planning your shots beforehand. I mean to say, a 'filming agenda' you have written out that sort of details each location and the types of shots you intend to take at each? I don't know if there's an official term or method for this that an amateur like myself could use easily. Thanks!

  5. any small travel bloggers want to support each other? ill sub back & watch a few videos as well! just comment ❤️

  6. Hi Thomas! I've watched lots of your videos while I was thinking about how to start my channel. I have made my first video, it's on my channel, you've helped me so so much! Of course because I don't have any routine in film-making, it is still noticably amateur… But if you see my comment I'd really appericiate if you'd check it out!
    Also, anyone who's just starting out, smal channels who wanna support each other, hit me up 🙂

  7. Hi, I just subscribe with our new account, u have no idea how much I learn from your channel. Thanks so much

  8. how do you upload to youtube a video that doesn't have a big file size while still maintaining the quality. I want to get into travel vlogging but i do most of the things you have mentioned that don't bring out a good video sequence, hence why i'm watching this video…how do you deal with uploading, does it take a shorter time for you? P.S i have good wifi connection

  9. Hey Thomas, do you have any tips on how to avoid shaking movements of the camera ? I always film when Hiking or walking down the streets so my shots are always shaking. Seem's like I'll need to be pushed around with a skateboard to stabilize everything LOL

  10. What's up, Ill be making my first travel video in a couple of months and I just had one question.. When it comes to traveling videos, where do you stand in those small pointless filler clips? Those 3/5 second Clips that you just use to lengthen the video you are making? Are they worth it in your opinion or should you just stick to only filming the exciting stuff?


  11. I am a freshman filmmaker in USC's film program right now, starting to make a small travel series of videos around Los Angeles, would appreciate if you guys checked them out. Username is " wbynan "

  12. I love how you talk about taking time to frame your shots and get high quality 'bricks' yet you left your bag in the shot for most of the video. XD

  13. Any tips for editing YouTube videos on Android tablets. I'm heading away soon and I can't bring a laptop. Mostly for vlogs filmed on a gopro. Thanks xxx

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