The trounce View of the Grand ravine

Scientists still wear’t in whole respect comprehend the 1.5 billions year history of the Grand ravine; it’s a story of erosion that has demolish one of the most breathtaking sites in Land of Liberty.

From: airy Land of Liberty: Grand ravine State

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  2. The next time you're in Arizona you need to visit this area. It's a hidden gem like no other area in Arizona. As a Native of Arizona living in Tucson, Az it's a good 5 hour drive but I plan to go back at sunset and in the winter time when the area has been hit with snow. Check it out and let me know what you think. Keith

  3. there is no way those 3 idiots at :22 are supposed to be on that outcropping! there's no barriers and you see them panic about the helicopter like they got busted. dumb-asses!

  4. me and my bff Eliza we are planning when we are 16-18. we are gonna make a trip there.. we have plans to get money and what we pay for.. we line in New York so.. LOOOONG TRIP

  5. it was a volcano omfg wow mystery solved now gimme mt fuvkin money hahahahahah dipshits of course its a fuckin volcano thats how it was formed

  6. Exploring the Grand Canyon, takes time. We began visiting the canyon in 1969, have been going back each year since. We toured the country in our RV, saw a lot of National Parks, but the GC was still our favorite. So ten years ago moved to Arizona, so we could visit every month or so and have been spending a week there at least ten months of the year. Each visit we camp at Desert View or Mather and when too full one of the National Forest Campgrounds or Boondock in the National Forest for a week. As seniors we have the Senior Pass, You cant beat the price $10 for Lifetime… If over 55 check it out.

  7. I'll never travel overseas so these videos about other countries and what they offer means  a lot to me!! This is beautiful~~~The view of The Grand Canyon!! Gorgeous!~~

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