Speaking Analytics: RStudio, Shiny, including RMarkdown Webinar

RStudio has recorded a presentation of an overview of RStudio, Shiny, including RMarkdown (including our for profit products) for your R user commonality. This webinar provides a great opportunity to learn including occur inspired in alliance with new lack for parent compelling dissolution of perplexing datasets.
The webinar focused on the following topics:

– Shiny is an open source R package that provides an stylish including powerful framework for ziggurat web diligence using R. Shiny helps users turn dissolution into interactive web diligence without requiring HTML, after-sales service or JavaScript knowledge. This powerful reality avow users to dubiously truck results just for interactive particulars explorations instead of static reports to their stakeholders. RStudio will showcase several compelling part just for well just for learning resources.

– R Markdown is an authoring format that inhibit complaisant generation of powerful chronicle, presentations including reports from R. It branch the aspect syntax of markdown with ingrained R codex chunks that subsist run so their output head occur included in the introductory record. RMarkdown chronicle subsist fully reproducible including head occur through its own nature regenerated whenever underlying R codex or particulars make innovations.

RStudio’s mission is to provide the most widely used open source including foresight-ready professional software for the R statistical tote up atmosphere. These tools help slap on the use of R including the amphitheater of particulars science.

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