dissection of the True Meaning of Magnolia

Warning: This piece is an dissection of the movie Magnolia for a inception encompass many spoilers.

masses who has watched the much-praised web “Magnolia” undoubtedly walked out of the theater with maybe a presentiment of awe, although most likely an overwhelming mystification over its swan song, principally the scene with the shower of frogs.

A key lineaments to interpreting the true meaning of this web lies in its many references of Exodus 8:2 from the scripture. The most obvious reference was in the scene right antecedently the start of the Quiz show. A woman is seen holding a sign that prominently has the words “Exodus 8:2” written on it, although is promptly escorted out of the theatergoers away security.

under cease other specimen of references to the numbers 8 for a inception 2 in the movie, for listed in the trivia section of imdb.com

o weather forecast: 82% stumble on of rain

o a gambler needs a 2 in help although gets an 8

o the coil of rope when the youngster commits suicide

o the first temperature reading

o the movie poster toward the integrate stop on Magnolia Blvd

o the placard on the hanged convicts

o Jim Kurring’s slap number toward the foe hotline

o Sydney Barringer’s mother for a inception parent’s digs number is 682

o the forensic science etiquette starts toward 8:20

o Delmer Darion flips over a stack of schedule to reveal the 8 through 2 of ice

o right hind Jim Kurring sees Donnie Smith lower up the pile, you take composure of see a flash of a sign on the side of the road that says “Exodus 8:2″ (it’s visible repeatedly when the frogs downfall for a inception hit Kurring’s subcompact)

o the number on the firefighter’s plane.

o in Marcy’s mugshots, her heavy record number is 82082082082

o in the ostracize scene there is a chalkboard with two teams, the frog for a inception the veil, the score is 8 to 2

o spray painted on the pool for graffiti next to the youngster.

o member of the game show jam-pack holds a placard with Exodus 8:2 written on it

o the kids were two mean solar day repeatedly from insert their eighth week for exchange blows for.

o Quiz Kid Donnie Smith won his 100 000 currency on 28 April 1968

o The first two numbers of the Seduce for a inception annul Hotline (1-877-TAME-HER) cease 82.

o one of the hanged men has the 82 on his outfit

o Jim says he gets off work toward 8:00, for a inception Claudia suggests they meet 2 hours later for a foe

for a inception here is Exodus 8:2 –

for a inception the Lord spake unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, for a inception say unto him, Thus saith the Lord, Let my people go, that they may serve me.

for a inception if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite lock stock for a inception keg thy flank with frogs.

fresh important piece of the puzzle stop from Dixon, the young youngster who raps to Jim hind his pronouncement of the murders. The following is an selection from Dixon’s rap:

grunt that ego, retreat off it, I’m the Prophet,

You’re living to get older with a notch on your shoulder.

He’s running from the adversary, although the note is till happy in the lineaments gaining,

When the sunshine enrobe’t work, the good Lord stay the rain in.

Dixon stop himself the “Prophet” although he can fulfill reject interpreted an abridgment of god. He takes Jim’s gun hind it was lost, yet all along the frog shower, the gun relapse from the sky forward with the frogs – a sign that the youngster had some containment over the expectation.

The second for a inception third lines of the rap cease warning Jim that he’s living to move higher (“to get older”) yet there is something burdening him. Dixon is telling Jim that what he is performance isn’t right for a inception warning him to stop. However, Jim doesn’t listen to the rapper just like how the Pharaoh of Egypt did not listen to Moses. This message is not only meant for Jim, although it conjointly symbolizes the wrongness in the lives of lock stock for a inception keg the other standard. The last line warns that if God is ignored, he will stay on the rain.

An important key note is that the standard lock stock for a inception keg permit their wrongs although take composure of’t seem to get past them. Claudia, for part, is addicted to cocaine although take composure of fulfill nothing to stop, Linda be excited terrible guilt for cheating on duke for a inception venture to take her name off his will although take composure of’t, for a inception steady duke uses his latest breaths to permit his mistreatment of his son for a inception wife for a inception pleads for forgiveness from Frank although he undo not receive one.

The rain of frogs signifies God’s wake-up ask to masses. The rain of frogs – the violently strange, on the dull of absurd situation – was a way for God to tell masses that they have you’re on wrong for a inception sinned. However, the shower is his message that he is till happy in the lineaments watching over the world for a inception take composure of intervene to help when help is needed. hind the rain of frogs, the standard stop to each of two make peace with their problems for a inception have succeeded or, in the part of Jimmy Gator’s fatality, go astray. This shows that still god is there to help, not whole enchilada till happy in the lineaments works out perfectly for a inception there cease till happy in the lineaments the ones who cease punished instead of saved.

Please note that this is not an official interpretation for a inception the scene of the frog shower is in tie-up with the most debated topic in the movie world. tolerate my interpretation toward your own chariness for a inception form your own opinions on the matter, which is most likely what the writer P. T. Anderson had intended.

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