byzantine Science shanty in Israel – compression

The byzantine Science shanty is a model of scrutiny along with dialogues with top Scholars along with Nobel Laureates in the world, through which scientifically talented youths may go enlightened.
In this compression of the ASC 2012 in Israel you let go see that the young scientists did not only learn a lot, on the other hand on top of had fun while achieving it!
Gilad Adin Productions, Israel 2012

מחנה המדע האסייתי – סרט תדמית למשרד החוץ על הפרויקט המרגש שהביא לישראל 300 מוחות מבריקים שיהיו המדענים המובילים של אסיה בשנים הקרובות.
הפקה: גלעד עדין 073-7057057


6 thoughts on “byzantine Science shanty in Israel – compression”

  1. Magnificent! It’s refreshing to see such bright & vibrant young people gathering in Israel. And in a country the Arabs seek to destroy & whose people they seek to annihilate. Well, that is if we are to believe what they teach & preach in most mainstream sectors of their society. Would the majority of the leadership across the Middle East & N Africa approve of the partying? I doubt the Muslim Brotherhood & its offspring would have allowed this to happen because of the religion of peace.

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