Guide to Flea moreover Tick Medication – hurt A Vet

Dr. Courtney Campbell DVM configuration through the racket touching flea moreover tick medications.
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What is the patronize flea moreover tick medication moreover how often prevent you really need to lose it?

In this passage, bump into out the disprove to the frequently disclaim questions touching flea moreover tick medication. You might go on surprised via Dr. Campbell’s thoughts.

Special thanks to the mild Medical inmost of Southern Golden State

Host: Courtney Campbell, DVM

Coordinating Producer: lessen Poomee
newspaperwoman: Shawn McPherson

27 thoughts on “Guide to Flea moreover Tick Medication – hurt A Vet”

  1. Pet Meds is the first online I have used,they are very helpful and great job with working with my vetrinarian when I needed a prescription for my dog Nui. Customer Service is very helpful,!

  2. Spray apple cider vinegar with water on your dog and mix coconut oil in the food twice a day in 1 week itching will be gone & fleas will be dead… Tried everything but this helped my German Shepherd who was itching a lot…

  3. Thank you for this video. A little street kitten came into my life but since I have a Labrador I thought of giving it the dog's flea treatment to the kitty… luckily I saw this vid before doing anything. Tomorrow I have to buy kitty flea and tick treatment.

  4. You do not want to bathe the dog in flea shampoo and then use a flea dip or drops as the dog will have a reaction. I agree that the vets price these medications very high. Also it is a pain in the butt when you put flea drops and you have to wait. I have dogs who are very miserable and I'm being told to wait to put more drops -even asked the emergency vet clinic. If the dog goes too long-they can get anemic.

  5. THANK YOU I have 5 puppies and 4 cats and this year had a warm spring and its the worst fleas ive ever seen! usually it is much easier to keep them clean now i need to medicate hard. good info!

  6. My problem is ticks. She get lots of ticks. Am gonna take someone advice an try the dial hand soap, if that does not work then i will try Vectra 3D

  7. What would you recommend for a puppy, (indoor outdoor puppy) at 8 weeks old? Ive heard capstar for the adults mixed with something that keeps the eggs and larvae from developing like frontline plus. But i have no idea when to start treatment in something that young. Its a medium breed dog, mutt Australian sheppard, blue heeler german sheppard

  8. Dawn kills fleas fast. Give pup a bath with dawn and fleas gone. I spray dawn diluted all around doorways outside and in no more pests

  9. Why use cancer causing chemicals when coconut oil, vinegar, or tea tree oil. They work and the animals can lick the coconut oil and its an antioxidant. Dr. J

  10. Veterinarians have become filthy money grubbers. They realize there is huge market for people with pets because people will pay whatever they have since they love their pets. (Vets are trained to look at your emotional response to a "diagnosis" and they use this as a gauge to see what they can SELL you. and what the price will be)  Its SIMPLE…none of these poisonous pesticides will stop the fleas from jumping on your dog (Essentially you are feeding your dog poison) Just take them a bath with simple DIAL liquid hand soap…original Gold (it lathers extremely thick and will clean them and kill the fleas. the fleas will drown in the lather and any eggs will be washed away)Its no different than human medical care, doctors are a bunch of money grubbers who don't care about health, just how much money they can get off you. How many prescriptions they can give you ($$$). You are NOT a person to them, just a number on a balance sheet (I don't care what they say this is the truth of course they will say otherwise) The ONLY time you should take your dog to a vet is if it has an emergency or for routine checkups like blood values etc.  If you go in and ask too many questions they seem annoyed because they know you are on to their schemes. I have seen vets upsell items that they have like shampoos, flea medicine etc. The first thing they ask is "Is he on flea medication, heartworm meds, meds…meds…meds..meds" (If not then we have something to sell you) Vets only care about money, greedy scum! (Not isolated incident..its all..some just hide it better with fake conversation and smiles)

  11. I can't believe how expensive this stuff is. I'm sure each pill cost less than a penny to make. Nice Way to make %3000 profit

  12. frontline no longer works…….fleas have built an imunity to frontline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sware in illinois it does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The majority of these products are TOXIC don't use them. There are far more better ways to killing/prevent fleas and ticks NATURALLY. Also Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is GREAT for it. It is used for so many other things. If you want to know about it there are many videos on YouTube.

  14. WARNING!! This stuff almost KILLED our dog Cody. This is a very rare, but very real thing. Look up "Dangers of Frontline poisoning" on google or youtube. My dog couldn't even walk or play the day after I gave this to him. He was very sick and all crippled up!! It is not worth taking the risk if you really love your pet!!

  15. How's about mentioning if any of these products contain any of the harmful poisons that are causing so much buzz in the pet world with more than half pet fatalities coming from spot on treatments with poisons.

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