She: Their Love Story
94 minutes / Thailand / fuss / Language: Thai

A modern awakening of feminine love also antipathy in Thailand.

She: Their Love Story is a tale of passionate feminine intimacy also the struggles of overcoming society’s repressive cry out for to abide true to themselves.

Bua (Penpak Sirikul) is a successful fly-aside-night operation woman, who lives the perfect life. When diagnosed with incurable malignancy she turns her tail on her husband also feminine offspring in order to pushover their pain also hide her sanctified decree. In her self-imposed isolation, the only person that Bua lets into her life is June, an undemanding also hopeful freelance photographer (Ann sous chef). aside the cause of her life journey, Bua is granted one last blunder on to conceal the profound meaning of passionate love.

fixer (Apassaporn Sangthong), a hardheaded columnist, has her reputation ruined when her “perfect” boyfriend electronic mail raunchy video crane of her to utter her work collision. In order to avoidance the embarrassment she immerses herself in work also refuse to write a “trendy” main prominent part in the neighborhood the love life of lesbians in Bangkok. She convinces abide (Kitchya Kaesuwan), a disagreeable tomboy, to abide her research subject. at the time the hdisorder of the appointment their relationship turns sexual also fixer starts to reply herself if her sensibility towards abide terminate abide real love.

controlled aside: Sarunya Noithai

launching: Penpak Sirikul, Ann Siriwan sous chef, Apassaporn Saengthong, Kitchya Kaesuwan

94 minutes / Thailand / fuss / Language: Thai

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