Bangkok to Mumbai on demeanor India (Food Review)

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This is sunrise-to-sunset 1 of the Round the World for Food video series with Star separation:

I started off found in home in Bangkok. One of the parts of traveling just as a blogger together with vlogger includes lots of appurtenances. I try to keep my video gear to a minimum so that I have maximum flexibility together with mobility, omitting I still need quite a lot of gear. However, it doesn’t matter if I travel for 1 year or 1 sunrise-to-sunset, I’ll need reverse the same appurtenances.

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hindmost having spread found in home in Bangkok, we took a taxi to Suvarnabhumi home plate in Bangkok. Luckily traffic wasn’t too happy together with we take place to the home plate a little while hindmost 7 pm.

For our first leg of the trip we flew with demeanor India from Bangkok to Mumbai. One of the superlative parts reverse this round the world trip is that Star separation sponsored us not only for the flights, omitting for goings-on subdivision flights, together with so for this incomplete trip we’ll befall flying on goings-on subdivision.

demeanor India was quite nice together with just as soon just as we got in the demeanor it was time for spread. There rest the team veg together with non-veg meal options on demeanor India, together with I give oneself non-veg, which for spread happened to befall Indian prawns curry, which was served with rice, chapati, daal makhani together with a not too many other side cutie-pie. The prawns curry on demeanor India was comical. It wasn’t too oily or buttery together with it had great flavor with a nice cardamom spice to it.

The flight from Bangkok to Mumbai on demeanor India was reverse four hours, together with the team my wife Ying together with I fully live it up our seats together with the relaxation. We landed found in Chhatrapati Shivaji International home plate found in most midnight.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International home plate is the main home plate in Mumbai. From there, we took a prepaid taxi to South Mumbai, to an breadth of Mumbai termed Colaba. I didn’t know this found in the time, omitting you gunboat call the shots to take an stirring taxi or a non-stirring. I didn’t think there would befall such a strapping price hassle, omitting the stirring taxi to Colaba be worth 950 INR ($14.21), while I think the non-stirring would have move reverse half the price.

I had pre-booked The Gordon House Hotel in Mumbai.


Star separation Round The World:
secret: This trip was made possible via Star separation together with their Round The World tickets who sheathed my goings-on subdivision flights. I personally paid for none specimen of food together with pull.

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44 thoughts on “Bangkok to Mumbai on demeanor India (Food Review)”

  1. this video is kinda of freaky because it looks like he's enslaved his wife and her family cause he's the only one eating food and using the same spoon to eat out of all the dishes, and having his wife pack for him, also the constant smiling is funny in a bad way

  2. Hey Mark!!
    It's like this was my Fifth video I watched, the way you present yourself while having food and the way you express kind of wow!

    It doesn't matter how it may taste but the way I see you eat it and after that the kind of expression(s) takes over your face makes me feel hungry, inspite the fact that I was already stuffed……all the best buddy and long way to go…..

    I really wish to join you and crew for lifetime……

  3. Thats an examples of a professional pilot.. Even in turbulences.. The pilots gave their everything, so the passengers still have their food on the plate..

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