How To Game along with Watch – Smash 4 – Informative along with agreement Guide / Tips

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Time stamps:
-tilts 1:31
-smashes 4:22
-grabs 6:14
-Aerials 7:29
-specials 11
liberal tech 12:58
combos 13:41

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32 thoughts on “How To Game along with Watch – Smash 4 – Informative along with agreement Guide / Tips”

  1. He forgot possibly game and watches best combo -Downthrow into uptilt into up smash. At around 0 – 25%, it is a guaranteed 17% and if you are feeling good you can try the to hit them with your down smash as they are falling for an extra 8% or so.

  2. This guide is very good for beginners. The user also explains each move in a very good way. Good job 😀

  3. Dont listen to what he said about the down tilt. Though a small hitbox and damage, it can actually be used to dodge projectiles. It can also be used to screw up an enemy's recovery move as it leaves them vulnerable for a second attack, mainly f tilt and f smash.

  4. What's with all the stutters and cut-outs mid-sentence? I missed quite a bit of information there that could've been useful…

  5. Up smash has invincibility frames, 3 Judgement 5 – 9 are good, 3 is neutral, 2 is meh, 1 is obviously bad. 4 is fine. You can use judgement (side-special) when falling for some unpredictability. Down smash is good for edge guarding, as well as up smash for people who roll and neutral b can also edge guard, if positioned right they climb into the frying pan and get sent back out though it's not the safest gamble. Up-B does damage and has a windbox and can kill at high percentages, it's also good for controlling the field. I'm surprised you dislike down tilt, it's the death of many little macs and other characters with forced falling moves. Down tilt also has crazy knockback at high percentages and a big range, it can easily kill if you aim it towards the closest edge.

  6. I disagree about his side B, as #6, 5 and even #3 can be very helpful numbers that use to stage spike people or use as mixups. It also isnt only useful after a down throw because it also rewards a good read if you see someone charging at you

  7. his F-air isn't a "card" (though It does look like a credit card! XD) its actually a crate of bottles from one of his old games. I just started playing G&W and he feels so natural, Lucas is my main and as far as timing for moves and feel they seem very similar.

  8. Down-b, like Villager's pocket, makes you invincible for a short time. Also, it can be used to make your landing more unpredictable, instead of just drifting down.

  9. As a G+W main, i think you hit the nail on the head. Good description of some of his combos and moveset variety. I would have gone more in-depth with his combos, since he has quite a few simple, yet powerful combos. As for anyone who wants to main G+W, keep in mind that you cant play G+W like ganon or ike, G+W specializes in getting opponents to high percents and punishing with a side or up-smash (or at least, thats how i play him). Thank you much for the video!

  10. hammer uses 1-9 1 is crap, does like 12 damage to you and your opponent is unfazed by the attack, 2 makes your opponent trip, its alright if your ready for it, 3 does good damage to shield, 4 is meh, not sure what else is does other than damage, 5 has electricity, multiple hits and decent damage, good since most players dont know the number of extra hits and will likely cause your opponent to go out of shield too early or hold shield for too long which gives you enough time for a follow up, 6 is great, high knockback, great for high percentage kills, 7 is decent since it does damage and makes an apple appear, but anyone can pick it up for a slight health boost so it could be good or bad depending on how you approach the situation, 8 is another good one, freezes your opponent, tough i havent found i go-to combo with it its good for adding some extra damage while your opponent is trapped, and everyone knows about 9, be wary though it does not kill at any percentage though unless youre near the edge of the platform, i think its confirmed kill around 30 percent

  11. The more I use Mr. G&W the more I think the Judgement hammer has to do with when you release… more then just randomness… (Been doing some testing, but nothing solid yet)

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