45 thoughts on “Randy Newman – Short People (Official Video)”

  1. I get that you can't have camera rolling on every studio take and make the "video" the one that works, but it strikes me as so odd that they used to use unreleased studio takes as the music video.

  2. I was born in 76 and when this album came out my Dad would sing this song to me all the time and even bought a copy of the album as the first one for my vinyl collection and I still have it to this day. I totally blame him for cursing me to stay short as I'm still the shortest on his side of the family. lol

  3. Newman is simply a genius. He can be genuinely funny with songs like this and Sail Away, yet can be so touching in songs like When She Loved Me or You’ve Got A Friend In Me.

  4. Yup ! The ignorance of people. Why would u even entertain “discrimination “, like this. And then make a song about it. It was a catchy song back in the days before I knew what it meant.

  5. This was the first single I ever bought. I thought it was funny and had a really catchy sound. If it matters, I am not tall. 🙂 Randy Newman is a great songwriter. My kids love his songs from Toy Story. Check out "Birmingham" too.

  6. He supposedly wrote the song about Irving Azoff, a Hollywood management-type noted for being difficult, unpleasant, aggressively greedy, and given to using any advantage for all it was worth – even by Hollywood management standards. He was also noted for his small height.

  7. What a disgusting little performer, he doesn't deserve air space, mocking people, he is an absolute prat, law prevents me saying what I want in graphic terms, but for anyone who has up till now been one performer who I admire, not now, get off of your ego trip and realise if it wasn't for your loyal fans, not me for one, you wouldn't be quoted. I am not ashamed of making this comment and am more than happy to discuss comments.

  8. My dad used to get yelled at for playing this record as a teenager because my grandmother was short and hated it, he would just turn it up.

  9. Seriously, I can understand why people didn't like this but my god I found this funny. And I'm not even that tall! X'D

  10. The song Aqualung by Jethro Tull comes to mind. The first few verses are describing a perverted old man, but then the second part of the song explains that the first part was an onlookers judgemental point of view and that theres more than meets the eye regarding the subject of the song.

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