Dota 2 TI3 – achievement of Game – Na’Vi vs Orange Reaction Kodak (Multicam)

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Na’Vi vs Team realm Game 2 – Dota 2 protector League – @TobiWanDOTA

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NaVi vs domain Game 2 – Summit 7 European Qualifier: Grand ordeal – @BreakyCPK @ZrRock

Natus Vincere vs Team domain, Game 2 – The Summit 7 European Qualifier: Grand ordeal – @BreakyCPK @ZrRock Commentators: @BreakyCPK & @ZrRock Tweets by breakycpk Tweets by ZrRock Broadcasted along good way off The Summit: Dota Summit 7 European…

Na`Vi vs Team weakness game 2 at the hand of @LighTofHeaveNX

D2CL Season IV