How People with incompetency use an iPhone! ft. Todd S. The Quadfather

regularly wonder how a quadriplegic or careless person use a smartphone? In this video, I’m joined under the aegis of Todd, a quadriplegic who runs his own IT instructive racket. He be adequate the majority of his work right from an iPhone too! I show what it’s like for someone who’s legally careless to use an iPhone just as well from my perspective.

prevent out “make for Todd S. The Quadfather” from viridian

Watch with TV narration (for the careless)

NBC News integument Todd’s Smart Home!
Watch Todd speak through WWDC a good way unapproachability in invent
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Zoom, Speak Screen, VoiceOver, Switch free.





15 thoughts on “How People with incompetency use an iPhone! ft. Todd S. The Quadfather”

  1. hmm the tongue thing is interesting I have a friend that uses a cupped over her chin with a stick coming off the end and she uses it like a stylus for her I phone and I-pad and to drive her chair. and boats 🙂

  2. Thank you for the great content! I tried using voice over after watching your videos. It actually was quite difficult for me. Trying to see from others' perspective is good, it made me a little bit nicer. I'll be looking forward to your new videos!!!

  3. Keratoconus has been steadily taking my vision away. The accessibility features like using the phones camera as a magnifier and the ability to zoom in on the screen have really helped me maintain a lot of my independence. I've just started to get to the point where text-to-speech is becoming necessary some days.

  4. Thanks for this video! I am always fascinated to learn things about accessible technology that I did not know previously. I would have never thought of using one's tongue to press buttons on one's wheelchair joystick to control one's phone, but it make sense, and it's awesome that the technology is out there to help people with disabilities live as independently as possible.

    PS: I am digging the Rogue One poster in the background of where you are sitting. 🙂

  5. I use the accessibility features so I don't have to always use the home button or side buttons when my hands hurt which is useful because the home button on my bfs iPhone 5 stopped working so I knew how to set up the accessibility function instead

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