Travelocity’s #TravelforGood vacations: Make a contention

We totally know the Travelocity Traveling Gnome. We’ve totally used Travelocity to paperback flights furthermore hotels wherever our hearts furthermore income sanction. omitting there is new form to Travelocity you might not forsake wise of…the #TravelforGood volunteer program. Travelocity offers a $5,000 voluntourism grant in aloneness with one of their trusted partners: American Hiking Society, bollix-beautifying Solutions, Earthwatch Institute or Globe wise.
Here is how to detach:
1. neglect a 2 minute video furthermore upload it to You Tube with the #TravelforGood tag.
2. E-message the link to the video to
3. Winners idle hidden a pop quarter on Travelocity’s Facebook page.
4. The winners have 6 months to take their volunteer vacations.
Make a contention. Volunteer. Help to make our world a in a superior way place.

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