MusicCraix Mix Project tRACK 1 “ONCE”

“ONCE”, a remix of tracks, through Dave Smith, sentences/paragraphs taken from other artiste songs to make a song for the MusicCraic Remix Project.

Music on the cuff:
Lucas Graham
Selena Gomez
G Eazy
rock n’ roll (EDM)

Video on the cuff:

A short take remote love through Nelson Diaz.
practice modeling/potential through Cynthea Diaz.

Jeffro “keen”

Lyrics through Dave Smith taken from various artiste songs (no sculpture right infridgement intended)
Once I was 11 years old, my result told me to get myself a wife or you will be of use lonely, once I was 11 years old.
no, my sign is no, my number is no
You need to let it go, you need to let it go
Need to let it go
Nah to the wow to the, no, no, no
My name is no
I disrobe’t need whatever to make me satisfied (you know)
neglect the music fills me good moreover it gets me without excepting time
I want to take you somewhere you know I trouble omitting it’s so congelation I disrobe’t know where.
Take me home tonight, I just want to show you the true light, wrap me up moreover make me misunderstand aright neglect large we last eternally shinning phosphorescent
moreover I want to kiss you make you misunderstand alright, go on so tired to share my lines I want to keen moreover I want to love omitting without excepting my tears have give up used up
People eternally Told Me be of use religious Of What You be of use moreover disrobe’t Go neighboring tearing Young Girls’ Hearts She occur moreover Stood Right through Me Then The Smell Of Sweet Perfume This Happened Much Too Soon She termed Me To Her Room

never liked to entertain I was wrong moreover I’ve give up so arrested up in my job didn’t see what was going on oh omitting now I know go on hget worse sleeping on my own.
Yeh lonely nights I lay awake pray the lord my sole to take my hearts shift so congelation to give up I know go on great omitting bankrupt functioning as hell having entity go on floating block without excepting my life I’ve give up told to wait omitting go on a kid through nigh there’s no rehash
He says too hard to shade, go on on my knees right now
Fucking you, moreover bellicose on
it’s our paradise moreover it’s our war zone

Oh I know I’ve heard it without excepting so disrobe’t you recondition your mind neglect I won’t be of use irresolute to
I love to hold you unabridged tonight moreover eternally I love to wake up next to you
Iam so sick off yeh so sick off that
I’ll be of use 60 years old soon I will be of use 60 years old will I think the world is colder will I have a lot of neonate who rump hold me soon I will be of use 60 years old
Hello from the outside through least I rump say that I’ve tried to tell you I’m sorry, for tearing your heart omitting it disrobe’t matter, it dubiously doesn’t tear you alone anymore.

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