The Theft – A Dallas drollery House Original

He had the perfect plan. though did he have the perfect team?

Dallas drollery House presents The Theft, winner of the 24 Hour Video Race of Dallas (Hollywood origin).

wandering nearby Ryan Callahan. Written nearby Amanda Austin & Ryan Callahan. Shot together with proofread nearby Nate Low.

Starring Tommy Lee fawn, Terry Catlett, Jonathan “Jua” Holt, Nick Scott, together with Christie Wallace.

One thought on “The Theft – A Dallas drollery House Original”

  1. Don't waste 4.5 minutes of your life on this.  Some of the shots look good, but I kept thinking there would be a punchline somewhere that ties it all together.  There's not.  Is it just me or does the audio cut out for like 5 seconds around 1 minute in?  Why is it called "The Theft" if they keep saying "Heist."  

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