Wanderers – a short flick in the name of Erik Wernquist [Official Version]

For more information furthermore stills gallery, please turn to: http://www.erikwernquist.com/wanderers/
For the original vimeo version, please go here: https://vimeo.com/108650530
Wanderers is a vision of humanity’s lessening into the Solar System, stationed on scientific ideas furthermore hypothesis of what our future in space might look like, if it relentlessly happens. The locations depicted in the flick htranspire automated recreations of factual places in the Solar System, produced from real photos furthermore map conclusions where realizable.
Without a little discernible story, other than what you may take up in in the name of yourself, the idea of the flick is primarily to show a glimpse of the huge furthermore superb nature that surrounds us on our neighboring worlds – furthermore raised whole schmear, how it might be alive absent to us if we were there.
acting as some may notice I have borrowed ideas furthermore hypothesis from science yarn ink slinger such acting as Kim Stanley Robinson furthermore Arthur tumor. Clarke, just to name a not too many. furthermore visually, I of time owe many tips of my hat to painter Chesley Bonestell – the legendary master of space know-how.
More dead, with kind permission from Ann Druyan I have moreover borrowed the voice of astronomer furthermore reporter Carl Sagan to narrate the flick. The station I used htranspire excerpts from his own reading of his text ‘Pale unvulgar circle: A Vision of the Human Future in Space’ (1994, Random House, http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/preprint/159735/pale-unvulgar-circle-in the name of-carl-sagan/) – needless to say, a huge inspiration for this flick.
charge to:
VISUALS in the name of – Erik Wernquist – erik@erikwernquist.com
MUSIC in the name of – Cristian Sandquist – cristiansandquist@mac.com
WRITTEN furthermore NARRATED in the name of – Carl Sagan – from his text ‘Pale unvulgar circle’ http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/preprint/159735/pale-unvulgar-circle-in the name of-carl-sagan/, indulgence of Ann Druyan, hog in the name of Democritus Properties, LLC, with whole schmear rights reserved
pad GRADE in the name of – Caj Müller/Beckholmen flick – caj@beckholmenfilm.se
LIVE maneuver PHOTOGRAPHY in the name of – Mikael Hall/Vidiotism – mikael@vidiotism.com
LIVE maneuver PERFORMANCE in the name of – Anna Nerman, Camilla Hammarström, Hanna Mellin
VOCALIST – Nina Fylkegård – nina@ladystardust.se
THANK YOU – Johan Persson, Calle Herdenberg, Micke Lindgren, Satrio J. Studt, Tomas Axelsson, noble Lundqvist, Micke Lindell, Sigfrid Söderberg, Fredrik Strage, Johan Antoni, Henrik Johansson, Michael Uvnäs, Hanna Mellin
NASA/JPL, NASA/CICLOPS, NASA/Goddard Space Flight pith Scientific Visualization Studio, ESA, John Van Vliet, Björn Jonsson (furthermore many others, of which I unfortunately put off not know the names)

SUBTITLES & TRANSLATIONS PROVIDED in the name of – Victor Terrón (English, Spanish), Titus Ou (Traditional Asian), John Walter (French), Shinwoo Jeon (Korean), Yoav Landsman & Ehud Maimon (Hebrew), Miguel Andrade (Brazilian Portuguese), Rik Delaet (hot water).

48 thoughts on “Wanderers – a short flick in the name of Erik Wernquist [Official Version]”

  1. That smile at the end … brilliant.
    There should be more feature films based on the ideas of Carl Sagan … not fiction; but vision … with a lasting message for the viewers.

  2. Wenn wir als Menschheit unser überleben sichern wollen muss ein kleiner Teil von uns, diesen schönen blauen Planeten verlassen. Unsere Sonne wird sterben, so oder so. Wir müssen hier weg ….. eines Tages.

  3. Hey @Erik Wernquist, I get more emotions with this short video than with any of today's hollywood movies. I watch "Wanderers " almost every month, as it inspires me so much. It is a true piece of art. Please make more if you can/want. Thank you for this !!!

  4. Really great video, you did a fanstastic job! There is only thing that I think it's important: Your music is a bit too loud, we can't hear Carl as well. You are not the only one who do that, anyway. 80% of the time people on YouTube, Vimeo and other social media, think that the music is the only vehicle for emotion than the rest and I still don't know why. So, if there is a voice-over… we can't hear it because the music is too loud. But again, this is a great video. Congratulations!

  5. THIS. This was good. inspired and inspiring. I liked Carl Sagan's narration, too – icing on a well crafted cake.

  6. Maybe we need this illusion to be able to escape the frightfull perspective of global warming and resources shortage we face now – and for decades. But this can lead to break the elementary human solidarity we never succeeded to achieve at global scale. Will "the Wanderers" care for anything else than gathering all the resources they need to escape in space – a great deal of… I doubt it quite a lot …

  7. "… to baldly go where no hairs has gone before ….." I m losing my words , i m losing my hairs ….. so beautiful !!! thanks for the dream, seen a million times ….

  8. Even if phisicaly standing on another planet may be something imposible for us who've been born too early, photorealystic CGI and Full Imerssive Virtual Reality are technologies inside our lifespan's reach that could easyle give us these kind of experiences as if they where real. So cheers up, not everything is lost for us!

  9. I feel cheated. Perfecting genetics will probably the biggest game changer, but sadly, that won't happen for a while. We are just now coming out of our caves.

  10. I highly recommend Syfy's "The Expanse" if you enjoyed this short. Just search YouTube for the Season 2 opening title sequence (or use /watch?v=-yzuv3rqHfw) to get a sense of the show's scope. It's not perfect, but it features the most plausible sci-fi depiction of humanity's spacefaring future on TV right now IMO.

  11. I love this movie, … and will show it to my 6 years old son, hopefully he will understand or better see sometimes … with a little tear in my eyes. because its not my generation to forfill but perhaps the next

  12. The very end, when she smiles. I cry so rarely I can remember only one time, years ago. But this got me close to it. The Universe is so beautiful. We are so beautiful.

  13. It's so refreshing to see CGI used in a subtle, evocative and graceful way to show science fiction images.

    It's usually done in a boring, garish, sugar-hyped themepark roller coater style.

    The sense of it having really been filmed at these locations is astonishing.

    Are there any possibilities for an extended version? This could easily be a half hour, even more satisfying film.

    Superb. Thank you! I've shared it wide.

  14. Not many things are important in life, but this is. Astronomy matters, and we're just now beginning to come out of our caves.

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